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  • Bishop Patrick has directed that two members of our Parish accompany us to Holy Trinity Parish Newark at 6.30pm, 30th January 2019 to a Diocesan Spiritual Programme he has named Bishop’s Diocesan Priority.  We need two volunteers please.
  • Some really good news…   Due to the generosity of the “Sunday Coffee Crowd” £204.00 has been raised enabling £68.00 to be donated to each of the following:-  Mary’s Meals, the Community Larder and Parish Funds.  Thank you to everyone!
  • Candlemas

    Candlemas, a Christian holiday, is celebrated on 2nd February.  It commemorates three occasions:  the presentation of Jesus in the temple, Jesus’ first entry into the temple and Mary’s purification.

    Often, candles are blessed on this day and a candle-lit procession may precede the Mass.  This represents Jesus as the ‘Light of the World’.

    Snowdrops, which flower early in the year, are also known as Candlemas Bells. They symbolise new hope for the future.